Rogue Company’s first update of Year Two has arrived with a blast of new content! Fight across the new map Meltdown while unlocking cosmetics in the Neochrome Battle Pass, and don’t forget to check out the gameplay improvements of Project Saint!

Get ready to dive into a world of cybernetic enhancements and robotics with the Neochrome Battle Pass! With new outfits for Vy, Chaac, Switchblade, and The Fixer – there’s something for every player! Chaac’s legendary Mech Fighter outfit is sure to stun in this cyberpunk-inspired battle pass. You can also check out brand-new legendary cosmetics such as the Crushing It emote and the Amplitude weapon wrap. The newest mythic reactive weapon wrap, Argent Assassin, makes its debut as well. This is the first battle pass to allow buying tiers for reputation instead of just Rogue Bucks. You can earn reputation just by playing the game, for free!

Meltdown is home to a top-secret research and development facility built around an experimental geothermal power plant. The facility developed the first true Artificial Intelligence – something the villainous Jackal organization seeks to destroy. Jackal attempted to set it to self-destruct; if successful, the result would be an explosion of dormant volcanoes. Rogue Company stepped in just in time to save the facility and the trapped scientists, however, the AI was never discovered. Be sure to jump into the Meltdown-only limited time queue to fully explore this fiery facility and fight back against the enemies who seek to destroy it!

Year Two of Rogue Company brings more quality of life improvements to the Project Saint initiative too! In this update, players will see improved health bars and an improved HUD to help them better see information when in combat. Sigrid’s shield has also received some well-deserved love as her shield swapping should work fluidly now. Be on the lookout for other Project Saint Improvements coming in every new update!

If Ranked is your jam, this update marks the start of a new Ranked season with King of Hill being added into the ranked game mode playlist. Grab your friends and show off your skills in the queues to earn exclusive rewards for the season! And did we forget to mention? Rogue’s now have more rewards for mastery levels so you can continue looking good while repping your favorite rogue!

Play the newest Rogue Company update for free on Xbox One X|S today!
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