Here’s some surprise news! Last night at The Game Awards, we announced that PUBG: Battlegrounds will become a free-to-play game starting January 12, 2022.

Since 2017, the game has attracted many battle royale fans through its realistic gunplay and non-stop action. Now we have what we feel is the best version PUBG to date and can truly deliver on our initial goal: Allowing the broadest possible audience to experience the game by making it free to play. This is the best opportunity to invite your friends to the world of PUBG: Battlegrounds, so please bring along as many friends as possible!

You can check out more details of how it changes, rewards and events for free-to-play transition.

Battlegrounds Plus

After the free-to-play service transition is made, PUBG: Battlegrounds will be free for anyone to play! Players will start off with a Basic account and this allows access to most of the game features. However, please note that certain features are limited to Battlegrounds Plus accounts such as Ranked Mode, Creating and playing Custom Match, etc. You can also get new items when upgrading to Battlegrounds Plus.

Battlegrounds Plus rewards includes Captain’s Camo Hat, Mask, Gloves and Bonus 1300 G-COIN.

Rewards & Benefits: Existing Players

It wouldn’t have been possible for us to come all this way without all our players who have supported and played our game since the initial release. To show how much we appreciate the support, all players who have owned and played PUBG: Battlegrounds before the free-to-play service transition will automatically receive a PUBG – Special Commemorative Pack, which consists of Battlegrounds Plus upgrade and various rewards. All these will automatically apply to your account after the free-to-play service conversion.

PUBG – Special Commemorative Pack includes Battlegrounds Plus, Costume skin set, Shackle and Shanks Legacy – Pan and new Nameplate.

Pre-Registration and more Events

Can’t wait to play PUBG for free? Don’t forget to visit our free-to-play pre-registration website where you can take home tons of rewards just by participating!

We have prepared many events that you can enjoy while you wait. You can earn limited items throughout Pre-registration Event, Invite a Friend Event, and My PUBG Play Style event. Visit our website and find more details!

Pre-Registration Website:

Free-to-play event rewards includes Highside Slick skin and weapon set.

Thank you for all your love towards PUBG: Battlegrounds. All this was possible because you have been with us. With your strong support, we can take on the new challenge of switching to free-to-play. We will continue to work hard to provide the excitement you’ve all been waiting for. More PUBG: Battlegrounds unique battle royale content is on your way, so we hope to see all you Survivors on the battlegrounds in the future.

See you on the Battlegrounds!
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