Smash! Crash! KaPow! These are just three of the incredible moments players will experience in Knockout Bash, a new in-game event available from April 27 to May 10.

Knockout Bash will feature Knockout, an automotive free-for-all where eight players enter the Arena, but only one can make their way to the winner’s circle. Throughout this event, players will unlock soothing Spring-themed rewards and free Golden Gift Baskets by completing in-game challenges.

How Does Knockout Work?

You’ll have to master Knockout’s new mechanics if you want to survive. Knock opponents out of the Safezone or into Hazards to score a KO. Remember, the last player standing wins!

Attack: Dodge into your opponents to send them flying.Block: Backward dodge to reflect incoming attacks back towards your opponent.Grab: Hold the grab button while dodging to grab an opponent. Dodge again to throw.Triple Jump: Players may jump once on the ground and twice in the air.Multi Dodge: Players can dodge up to four times while in the air.

New PvP Arenas

Along with new rules and mechanics, Knockout introduces three arenas that each have their own shape and obstacle placement. This lets players create unique strategies for each arena, always keeping their opponents on high alert.

Each Knockout Arena also contains several hazards, including spikes and a laser grid that lies below the platforms. Touching a hazard will result in an instant KO, so knocking opponents into them is a quick way to rack up points.

Knockout Bash Rewards

Only one player can win Knockout, but everyone gets a prize in Knockout Bash! Unlock Spring-themed challenge rewards like the Florescence Wheels, Monarch Boost, or the animated Flutterby Decal. Throughout Knockout Bash, players can also earn Golden Gift Baskets. These free rewards offer Items from the Victory, Accelerator, and Turbo Item Series. Complete the challenge up to five times to earn Golden Gift Baskets, then open them in your Inventory to unlock items!

Psyonix Behind-The-Scenes

Want to know more about how this new mode was created? Check out the first video in our newest series, Under The Hood. Each episode will give a behind-the-scenes look into the development process at Psyonix, and give players a chance to meet some of our wonderful dev team.

Knockout Bash will be live from April 27 to May 10.

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