SummaryGet your first details of Mandragora for Xbox Series X|S, developed by Primal Game Studio and Marvelous Europe.Check out the new teaser trailer for Mandragora above.Learn more about the atmospheric, painterly 2.5D universe of Faelduum.

Hi everyone! You may know Marvelous Games as the publisher of your favorite Story of Seasons and Rune Factory games, but today we’ve got an exciting new announcement for you that will definitely get your blood pumping.

We’re so thrilled to share the first trailer for Mandragora, a brand-new title created by Primal Game Studio that we’ll publish for Xbox Series X|S. Mandragora is a challenging but rewarding Metroidvania-inspired adventure that tells the story of a world full of gorgeous paint strokes and inevitable tragedy.

In Mandragora, mankind hides away behind walls of brick and palisades of ignorance as monsters have infested the world. There is no joy and delight to be found as you slash, burn, and rage against the creatures beyond the town walls.

You must journey through a world in decline to encounter unique and deadly monsters and fight against vicious beasts. You will meet allies, enemies, and every shade in-between and be forced to make bitter choices. There are many paths worth taking in Mandragora – which one will you choose?

Explore the vast, interconnected world of Faelduum, as epic and twisted music composed by Christos Antoniou, founding member of Septic Flesh, brings this atmospheric, painterly 2.5D universe to life.

Master the challenging side-scrolling action and uncover what lurks in the shadows as you recruit artisans to join you and unlock new upgrades. Play as one of multiple classes available and customize your character’s skills through a deep and rewarding development system.

This trailer is only the beginning! We hope to show you more from Mandragora later this year, so please join us on Discord if you’ve got any questions or follow the @MandragoraGame channels on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to be kept up-to-date!


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