For those of you who played the original TOCA Race Driver on Xbox back in 2003 or Race Driver: Grid on Xbox 360, the name Ravenwest Motorsport may strike fear into your racing heart. Their prowess and on-track talent was second-to-none and the McKanes’ fearsome demeanor off it gave them that infamous status. With the upcoming Grid Legends, Nathan and Ryan McKane are back and bring with them a whole host of cast members along for the ride in a thrilling new story mode: Driven to Glory.

Driven to Glory is a classic underdog tale, shot in a documentary style. Filmed using cutting-edge virtual production, you play the role of Driver 22, a newbie on the Grid World Series who’s been hired as the second driver for struggling team Seneca Racing. Seneca hasn’t had great luck with No.2 drivers in the past, so pinning hopes on a relatively untested driver like you is a bit of a gamble. Your aim? Rise to the top and challenge the mighty Ravenwest in your pursuit of becoming a Grid legend.

In Driven to Glory, you’ll race an eclectic roster of cars from open-wheel single-seaters to iconic supercars across some of the world’s greatest circuits. There are returning fictional fan favorites too like Grid’s iconic Yokohama Docks, where Drift and Elimination events also make a return.

Amongst the talented cast of drivers, team principals and more is Ncuti Gatwa, who you may recognize from Netflix’s award-winning “Sex Education.” Playing the role of Voltz Racing’s lead driver, Valentin Manzi, Seneca identifies Voltz and Manzi as key rivals early on and ones who will help give the team leverage to move up in the Grid World Series. You’ll need to do more than just beat Voltz though, for you’ll discover, as always, that Ravenwest remains a force to be reckoned with on and off the track.

Outside of this exciting narrative-driven mode, there’s plenty more to sink your teeth into. The hand-picked selection of over 100 cars at launch feature across hundreds of carefully crafted Career events that aren’t just playable alone. Cross-platform multiplayer and a unique hop-in mechanic allows you to join a friend or rival Career event mid-race, keeping the focus on racing.

With Race Creator, you can dream up over one million race combinations to host events online. Whether you want a multi-class field racing past Buckingham Palace on the streets of London, or a 22-player elimination event in Dubai with boost gates and ramps, you can let your imagination run wild.

There are a variety of assists and difficulty options available to suit all skill levels, so from racing game veterans on a wheel to newbies looking to dip their toe into the genre on pad, Grid Legends is the perfect title to jump straight in.

Grid Legends strikes a perfect balance of gritty, high intensity, wheel-to-wheel racing with an eclectic roster of faithfully recreated cars from the world of motorsport. It’s all about fun, action-packed racing that anyone can enjoy. And hey, who doesn’t love a good story? Releasing on February 25, we’ll have more to share about multiplayer ahead of launch. See you on the track.
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